Quad Biking Dubai

If you visit Dubai and did not get Quad bike / ATV riding or Dune buggy riding in the desert. You miss the great adventure. We Provide the Best Desert Safari With Quad Bike / ATV & Dune Buggy Rental Tours in Dubai.
We are offering the best services all over UAE for Quad bike / ATV and Dune buggy riding. Our company provides a pleasant environment for you. These services are provided during those times of a desert, which are considered unforgettable moments for a desert. These are a  Morning Desert Safari, Evening Desert Safari, Sunrise Desert Safari, and  Sunset Desert Safari. So you can enjoy your favorite time on a Quad bike / ATV & the Dune buggy with us.

You can easily contact us for the services we offer. Contact us for a lifetime adventure. Discover more fun and adventure with us on a desert safari with  ATV /Dune buggy and Quad bike rental tour in Dubai.
Explore the desert with us. Our desert tour with Quad bikes / ATVs & Dune buggy riding is an astonishing adventure in the Arabian Dubai Desert. If you are looking for a reasonable rent. Now you are in a right place. We offer the best packages for Quad bike / ATV rent and Dune buggy rent.

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Quad Bike Rental Dubai

QUAD BIKE | On Quad Bike Explore Desert With Us & Enjoy UAE Desert.

Quad Bike

Are you a desert lover, so it’s the right time to take the quad bike and enjoy riding in Red dunes of the Arabian desert. Explore the desert and enjoy the off-road view More

Dune Buggy | Riding Dune Buggy in Red Dunes of Arabian Desert in UAE.

Dune Buggy

Ride dune buggy in red dunes of Arabian Desert. And experience a new kind of off-road exploration under our careful guidance. If you are a Desert lover, you are at the view More

ATV | Enjoy red dunes of UAE on ATV | Don't miss ATV & Off-Road Tours


Enjoy the hidden pleasure of the Sharjah desert on ATV. It will take you away from the bustling city into an exciting journey over the red dunes.This tour is a good method to view More

Why Desert Quad Biking Dubai With Us?


We are well known for reasonable prices. Now you can enjoy more tours at a considerably less price with the best services.


Our first priority is customer safety. We provide a safety kit having helmets, glasses, knee pads, and gloves. Tour guide facility available.


Refresh your mind. Enjoy the marvelous scenery of the desert while riding a quad bike / ATV / dune buggy. No need for a driving license.


Customers’ pick and drop facility is available. This facility is available for three states i.e. Dubai, Sharjah, and Ajman at any time.

Buggy Ride Dubai is The Extreme Sports In The Desert

Quad Biking Dubai | Enjoy Marvelous Scenery of The Desert Red Dunes.

Quad Biking Dubai

Experience the immense beauty and quietness of the UAE desert on an exciting quad bike. As you travel, watch the beautiful desert scenery and catch wind of the morning’s view More

Dune Buggy Dubai | Self-Drive Dune Buggy Safari in High Red Dunes UAE

Dune Buggy Dubai

Feel refresh with loving activities in the red dunes of UAE. Enjoy off-road activities in the Arabian Desert. . Enjoy the desert sunset while you are on the dune buggy in view More

Atv Dubai | Quad Bike Safari is a Favorite Sports Activity for a Dubai Visitor

ATV Dubai

Atv tour riding in the red dunes of the desert is one of the famous activities in Dubai UAE. It's a lot of fun. Atv riding is full of enjoyment and excitement. view More

Quad Bike Rental | We Offer Best Quad Bike - ATVs Rental and Tours UAE

Quad Bike Rental

To discover the pure and beautiful views of the Arabian Desert, ride over the red dunes of Sharjah with us. Our Red Dune Desert Safari in UAE is a thrilling journey that will view More

Dune Buggy Safari | Self-Drive Dune Buggy on High Red Dunes in Dubai.

Dune Buggy Safari

Dubai has opened the door to an exciting world of sand dunes. Extraordinary and extreme fun that you can only experience in the desert, from dune buggy safari racing. view More

ATV Rental Dubai | Desert Safari Most Beautiful Moment Sunrise & Sunset

ATV Rental Dubai

If you are a lover of nature, red dunes are waiting for you. Enjoy the beauty of sunrise or sunset in the red dunes of the Arabian Desert on ATV Rental Dubai. Desert safari view More

quad bike dune buggy atv
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We have the best travel guide for customer convenience and help.

World Class Service

No compromise on services. Our company provides best services.

Healthy Food

Fresh and healthy food is available e.g. veg, non-veg, soft drink.

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Without any hesitation, customers can contact us 24/7 for booking.

Desert Safari with Dune Buggy - Quad Bike Rental Dubai

Our Latest Article For Travellers

About Us Ride Quad Bike

What we do?

As a touring company we offer a wide range of activities, we assure our sponsors of the full range of entertainment. The services we provide throughout the tours, that we arrange. They are extremely interesting and complete for the satisfaction and entertainment of our clients.

Pick and drop facility is available, We also take into account the needs and desires of our customers. We also provide transport facilities according to the number of passengers, for example, minibusses. Luxury cars are also available if you need them.

With all other safety protocols, we strictly follow Covid-19 protocols. Our clients follow protocol with them throughout the tour.

The activities we offer are quad biking, ATV riding, and dune buggy riding. Enjoy the memorable scenes of red dunes of the Arabian Desert with us.

A safety kit is available. The safety kit has glasses, kneepads, helmets, and gloves. On tour in case of any emergency, first aid is available. When a visitor performing the activities (Quad Bike Ride, Dune Buggy Ride, and ATV Ride) in a desert. A tour guide is available if you need it.

Fresh and healthy food is available, e.g vegetarian, non-vegetarian, soft drinks, fast food, etc.

Our company offers the service during those times of desert, which are unforgettable. These are Desert Morning, Desert Sunrise, and Desert Sunrise.

Enjoy Desert with us.

Who we are?

A Desert tour operating company that provides high-quality services. Our company facilitates the customer to observe and enjoy the hidden pleasures of the UAE Desert.

We offer off-road services in the Red dunes of Sharjah territory. Services we offer in the red dunes of Sharjah include quad biking / ATV and dune buggy riding. Discover more fun with us by riding a quad bike /ATV or dune buggy.

If you are a thrill and adventure lover you are at the right place. Enjoy Quad biking in the red dunes of UAE. We have different types of quad bikes / ATVs.  One-seater and two-seater, and different engine cc 150cc, 250cc quad bike / ATV are available.

We also have a different type of Dune buggy available, Two-seater and Four-seater. Also, 1000cc and 2000cc dune buggy we have.

Biking in a circle and an open desert depends on the client’s choice.

No driving license required for a quad bike / ATV and Dune Buggy, Company provides all requirements.

Our priority is customer safety, all required protocol is provided. First aid, ambulance, and a tour guide are available. The tour guide makes your journey safe and memorable.

For a desert tour best timing is Morning, Sunrise, and Sunset, which is considered best to enjoy and discover desert scenery.

Quads Dubai FAQs

For Quad Bike Rental Dubai you can book online with us. On-the-spot booking is available
but it better is to book 1 day prior. For booking, you can Call/WhatsApp us.
Also, an online payment option is available.

Quad Bike is a powerful machine and has 4 tires. It’s so easy to handle. Our quad bike is
for fun and adventure not for professional Quad Biking so very easy to drive and handle it.

We are professionals in our service. Our first priority is safety. We keep all safety measurements in our minds doing this job. For Quads Dubai we have gloves, helmets, knee pads, goggles, and other all types of equipment.

Different types of Quads in Dubai depend on the area, Engine capacity, Seating Capacity but general prices are given below

Quad Bike TypeDurationLocationPrice
Single Seat Kids Quad Bike30 MinutesIn-Circle Desert90 AED | 25 USD
Single Seat Quad Bike KYMCO30 MinutesIn-Circle Desert100 AED | 27 USD
Single Seat Quad Bike KYMCO1 HourIn-Circle Desert180 AED | 50 USD
Single Seat Quad Bike YAMAHA30 MinutesOpen Desert Red Dunes200 AED | 55 USD

The reservation process for Quads Dubai is easy and simple inquire us via WhatsApp or Call select the package and confirm the reservation. For payment, we have multiple options. Also with and without a pickup, both options are available.

Yes, 2 persons can do Quad Biking. We have different types of quad bikes depending on the engine capacity, seating capacity, inside circle, and open desert. So double-seat quad bikes can possibly ride 2 persons.

Different types of Quad Bikes which you can ride for 30 minutes, 1 hour, and more. But the minimum slot will be for 30 minutes. Every slot has different prices once select the package you can multiply slots with the amount and get the total amount.

Yes, there are age limits for Quad Biking in Dubai. Depends on the bike type for kids’ bikes 7 years, and for other bikes 12 years age limit is required. And in double-seat quad bikes, there is no age limit for the 2nd one if the driver can hold.

No need a driving License for Quads Dubai. everyone can ride a quad bike without a driving license. Quad bikes will ride in the desert, not on the road.

The difference between an in-circle and and out-circle which is mostly called an open desert is inside the boundary and in an open desert without any boundary with a tour guide. so in both places Quad Biking you can do.

Dubai Buggy FAQs

Doing this service we keep in mind our first priority is safety. For safety, while Buggy Ride in Dubai we have tour guides who will lead the buggies group or single buggy. Also, knee pads, helmets, and goggles are available.

Dune buggies are available with pick and drop. We provide pick-and-drop services from Sharjah, Ajman, and Dubai with extra charges.
Customers can go themselves or can take the pick-and-drop service from us both options are available.

For Dune Buggy riding no need specific dress. It’s like a vehicle driving in any type of dress you can drive easily.

To drive a Buggy in Dubai the age limit is 17 years. But this age limit is for the driver who will drive the buggy for the remaining persons who will be in the buggy no age limit.

For Dune Buggy Dubai no need driving license. It’s family fun and adventure so you can ride with your family and friends without a license. Buggy you will ride in the desert, not on the road.

Riding Dune Buggy in Dubai has different packages. But the slot is for 30 minutes. So depending on the customer for how much time they want to ride. we have availability for the full day also.

Dune Buggies’ top speed is 80 Km/h but in the desert not possible to drive fastly. Due to safety need to drive at 40 Km/h. Overspeed may cause of an accident

Yes, Dubai Dune Buggy is safe for kids. Because one person will driver whose age will be must 17. And on the remaining seats, anybody can go inside the desert. Proper seat belts are installed in the buggy.

For Dune Buggies, ridings need an age limit which is 17 years. Kids can go with their families but in driving seat is not possible. For the remaining seats, kids are allowed.

We have different types of Buggy rentals in Dubai. Depends on the buggy and timings. But the cost starts from 400 AED till 2000 AED.
Make sure that pick-and-drop costs are not included.

What Our Customers Says About Us

Mohammad Saif Shamim
Mohammad Saif Shamim
It was fabulous trip we are enjoyed our trip ❤️
Maureen Jane de Guzman
Maureen Jane de Guzman
We had great experience! We enjoyed the dune bashing and quad biking. Staffs are kind, friendly, and caring. Thanks to Inayat, Hussain and Ikram. Highly recommended! 👍🏻👍🏻
Emelyn Garcia
Emelyn Garcia
We had a wonderful and fun trip! Thank you Hussein, Ikram and Inayad..
Eden de Guzman
Eden de Guzman
It was amazing experience. They are good and kind. Thank u Ikram
Cyrille Joy De Guzman
Cyrille Joy De Guzman
Wonderful experience! We had the best accommodating driver/tour guide Hussein..
Paul Horstink
Paul Horstink
Fantastic experience!! Our host, driver, guide Hussain was fantastic!! Great service, nice safaris and dinner shows and food was great. All in all a perfect experience!!
Urooj Rafiuddin
Urooj Rafiuddin
Ijaz desert safari service is exceptional. Our trip was very smooth. Would definitely recommend him.
A. Prütting
A. Prütting
Hussein was very welcoming and reliable. He safely took us to all places in time. We spent a great afternoon and evening and can highly recommend him.
Wira Kumala
Wira Kumala
It was so amazing experience Enjoyed 1day traveling with mr javed Everything was excellent 💯 Thank you javed
Shazni Fahmi
Shazni Fahmi
Wonderful and excellent service provided by Mr. Javed who was so kind, helpful and always with us. A man with a smiling face.. Would recommend my friends to book with him if they are going on a desert safari.

Quad Bike Rental Dubai Prices

Quad Bike TypeEngine CCDurationLocationAge limitPrice
Single Seat Quad Bike KYMCO250 CC30 MinutesIn-Circle Desert+12 Years150 AED | 40 USD
Double Seat Quad Bike KYMCO250 CC1 HourIn-Circle Desert+12 Years250 AED | 70 USD
Double Seat Quad Bike YAMAHA270 - 450 CC30 MinutesOpen Desert Red Dunes+15 Years300 AED | 85 USD
Double Seat Quad Bike YAMAHA270 - 450 CC1 HourOpen Desert Red Dunes+15 Years450 AED | 125 USD
Single Seat Kids Quad Bike90 CC30 MinutesIn-Circle Desert+7 Years90 AED | 25 USD
Single Seat Kids Quad Bike90 CC1 HourIn-Circle Desert+7 Years150 AED | 40 USD
Single Seat Quad Bike KYMCO150 CC30 MinutesIn-Circle Desert+12 Years100 AED | 27 USD
Single Seat Quad Bike KYMCO150 CC1 HourIn-Circle Desert+12 Years180 AED | 50 USD
Single Seat Quad Bike YAMAHA250 - 270 CC30 MinutesOpen Desert Red Dunes+15 Years200 AED | 55 USD
Single Seat Quad Bike YAMAHA250 - 270 CC 1 HourOpen Desert Red Dunes+15 Years350 AED | 100 USD
Single Seat Quad Bike YAMAHA250 - 270 CC 1 HourOpen Desert Red Dunes+15 Years350 AED | 100 USD

Buggy Rental Dubai Prices

Dune Buggy TypeEngine CCDurationLocationDriving Age LimitPassenger Age LimitPrice
Single Seat Polaris Dune Buggy RZR1000 CC30 MinutesOpen Desert Red Dunes+14 Years--400 AED | 110 USD
Single Seat Polaris Dune Buggy RZR1000 CC1 HourOpen Desert Red Dunes+14 Years--700 AED | 195 USD
Custom Double Seat Dune Buggy1000 CC V630 MinutesOpen Desert Red Dunes+18 Years+12 Years950 AED | 265 USD
Custom Double Seat Dune Buggy1000 CC V61 HourOpen Desert Red Dunes+18 Years+12 Years1600 AED | 450 USD
Custom Four Seater Dune Buggy1000 CC V630 MinutesOpen Desert Red Dunes+18 Years+12 Years1100 AED | 310 USD
Custom Four Seater Dune Buggy1000 CC V61 HourOpen Desert Red Dunes+18 Years+12 Years1900 AED | 540 USD
Four Seater Kawasaki Dune Buggy800 CC30 MinutesOpen Desert Red Dunes+14 Years+3 Years550 AED | 155 USD
Four Seater Kawasaki Dune Buggy800 CC1 HourOpen Desert Red Dunes+14 Years+3 Years900 AED | 250 USD
Double Seat Kawasaki Dune Buggy800 CC30 MinutesOpen Desert Red Dunes+14 Years+5 Years400 AED | 110 USD
Double Seat Kawasaki Dune Buggy800 CC1 HourOpen Desert Red Dunes+14 Years+5 Years700 AED | 195 USD
Double Seat Polaris Dune Buggy RZR1000 CC Turbo30 MinutesOpen Desert Red Dunes+16 Years+5 Years600 AED | 165 USD
Double Seat Polaris Dune Buggy RZR1000 CC Turbo1 HourOpen Desert Red Dunes+16 Years+5 Years950 AED | 265 USD
Four Seater Polaris Dune Buggy RZR1000 CC30 MinutesOpen Desert Red Dunes+18 Years+5 Years750 AED | 210 USD
Four Seater Polaris Dune Buggy RZR1000 CC1 HourOpen Desert Red Dunes+18 Years+5 Years1100 AED | 310 USD
Double Seat Can-Am Maverick1000 CC X330 MinutesOpen Desert Red Dunes+18 Years+7 Years950 AED | 265 USD
Double Seat Can-Am Maverick1000 CC X31 HourOpen Desert Red Dunes+18 Years+7 Years1600 AED | 450 USD
Four Seater Can-Am Maverick1000 CC X330 MinutesOpen Desert Red Dunes+18 Years+7 Years1100 AED | 310 USD
Four Seater Can-Am Maverick1000 CC X31 HourOpen Desert Red Dunes+18 Years+7 Years1900 AED | 540 USD

Dune Buggy Dubai

If you are searching for thrill riding of Dune Buggy Dubai in the red dunes so you are at the right place. We are the famous in dune buggy rental Dubai. And we are working with the same field from last 8 years. Now it's time to take your phone and call us for booking and other information. Our operator will assist you properly.Also we have tour guides which lead your journey in the open desert while riding dune buggy. Our company first priority is safety. No compromise on the services and safety. Because our moto to explore the beauty of the desert in Dubai. To make your moments more momoriable. We provide the best dune buggies for riding. There also have options for riding single seat, double seat, four seats buggy. Which you can ride with your friends and family. We have protective equipments like helmets, gloves, goggles and knee pads.

Also company responsible to provide our customers pick and drop facility from your pin location. And pick and drop possible from all over in Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman. For inquiry you can contact us any time our operators will help you to give all answers which is in your mind. Dune Buggy is an adventure in the arabian desert which you can enjoy. For riding a buggy no need any driving license. Also you can contact with us for other off road adventure like quad bikes and dune bashing. For ridig a buggy there is minimum 17 years age limit but for the remaining seats there is no limit. Every buggy have proper seats belt. For riding a buggy to get off road experience you can call, WhatsApp and mail us. Mostly our buggy timing is start from 10 am to till 07 pm.

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