Dune Buggy Safari

Dune Buggy Safari


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Dubai has opened the door to an exciting world of sand dunes. Extraordinary and extreme fun that you can only experience in the desert, from dune buggy safari racing. Desert dunes bashing is one way to find shiny sand dunes. This is an adventure you will remember forever. Turn your journey into a memorable event by engaging in the amazing scenery of the desert.


Dune Buggy Safari in High Red Dunes

Traveling on these beautiful dunes. You will discover the immense secrets of nature. Discover it and enjoy the comforts of nature around you on a dune buggy.

Our well-equipped dune buggies are safer, powerful, and reliable on the sand. Our dune buggy safari will give you an opportunity to explore the open desert of UAE with a guide and a professional team for safety. Upon arrival in the desert, we will take you through a safety briefing and instruct you on how to use our Dune Buggy.

Our dune buggies are specially designed to drive through the red dunes of the Arabic desert. The fun begins, when we take a dune buggy & drive through the red dunes. The dune buggy on the Dubai Tour is a refreshing experience for all tourists.


Dune Buggy Riding

Dune buggy riding is full of excitement and fun. You have a choice of a single-seated or double-seated buggy.

  • Now you can choose the time according to your choice, a morning or evening desert safari.
  • Visiter do not need any experience you can enjoy this adventure sport without any experience.
  • We have different packages for our customers with a variety of desert activities.

Enjoy the beautiful morning of the desert and the mysterious evening at these beautiful red dunes on a dune buggy safari with us.


Rental Packages

We offer the best rental packages. Area, riding time, and engine cc are the main things on which dune buggy rent depends. Riding a dune_buggy in an open desert costs more rent than in a circle. It’s upon your choice, that you want to ride a dune buggy in the open desert or within a circle.


No Hidden Charges

There are no additional charges. All over UAE, we are known for reasonable prices. To discover more with us by riding a dune buggy in the great Arabian Desert join us.


Dune Buggy Tour Customer Safety

Customer safety is our first priority. We provide a safety kit having helmets, glasses, knee pads, and gloves. Tour guide and ambulance facility available.

No need for a license for driving a dune buggy in the Arabian Desert UAE.

Customers’ pick up and drop facility available. This facility is available for these three states, Dubai, Sharjah, and Ajman at any time.

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