Dune Buggy



Ride dune buggy in red dunes of Arabian Desert. And experience a new kind of off-road exploration under our careful guidance. If you are a Desert lover, you are at the right place. We arrange tours for adventures and thrill lovers. Enjoy unforgettable moments of the Arabian Desert with us. It will take you away from stressful life into an exciting adventure. You will enjoy the amazing scenery of the Arabian Desert while riding a dune buggy. Explore and enjoy the red dunes of UAE with friends and family. We provide first-class services all over UAE.

Dune Buggies Best For




      Single Traveler

      Business Travelers


Types Of Dune Buggy

Two-seater and four-seater dune buggy are available. Also, 1000cc and 2000cc we have. Different types of dune buggy are available e.g. Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, etc.

No Driving License Required

If you do not have a driver’s license, you do not need it. The company provides all such requirements.

Tour Guide Facility

We provide a tour guide facility to our customers for their convenience. You will ride with a companion and will be observed by the careful eyes of our expert who will ride alongside you. A guide will help you until the last moment.

Customers Safety

Customers’ safety is our first priority. Required protective equipment is provided to customers. Our safety kits have helmets, glasses, gloves, and knee pads. An ambulance is also available.

Rental Packages

We offer the best rental packages. Area, riding time, and engine cc are the main things on which dune_buggy rent depends. Riding a dune_buggy in an open desert costs more rent than in a circle. It’s upon your choice, that you want to ride a dune_buggy in the open desert or within a circle.

No Hidden Charges

There are no additional charges. All over UAE, we are known for reasonable prices. To discover more with us by riding a dune_buggy in the great Arabian Desert join us.

Pick And Drop

We will take up you to your destination with great care. Pick up and drop facility is available all over UAE. Feel free.

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