Dune Buggy Dubai



We have the best area to do the dune buggy riding. Ride dune buggy Dubai in the Arabian Desert with extra fun and adventure. You have both options, either to do Dune Buggy riding in a circle or an open desert.

Enjoy the wonderful scenes and weather of the desert. Refresh your mind with loving activities. While riding dune buggy discover the hidden aspects of the Arabian Desert.

We arrange a tour in the morning time, sunrise and sunset according to customer facility. The morning desert tour is full of excitement and magic. It’s great to get up early on time and enjoy the sunrise in the middle of the desert on a dune buggy. Feel refresh with loving activities in the red dunes of UAE. Enjoy off-road activities in the Arabian Desert. Enjoy the desert sunset while you are on the dune buggy in the highest dunes of UAE. If you are tired of work it is the perfect time to pack off your work and enjoy red dunes Sharjah on Dune Buggy.

During an exciting dune buggy drive, You can feel the enchanting view of the beautiful sunset up close.


Our Recommendation

For dune buggy riding, comfortable clothes are recommended. For capturing the beautiful moments of the desert one must get a camera. Take care of jewelry, watches, and cell phones.

Dune Buggy Suitable For:




Single traveler

Business travelers


Types of Dune Buggy

A dune buggy with two seats and four seats is available. Also, we have 1000cc and 2000cc dune buggy. A variety of dune buggy is available such as. Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, etc.

No Driving License Required

No driving license is required for dune buggy riding. So enjoy a dune buggy riding with friends and family members.


100% Safety

All required protective equipment e.g helmets, glasses, gloves, and knee pads are provided to the customer.


Tour Guide

A tour guide facility provides to our customers for their convenience. You will ride with a guide and will be watched carefully by our expert. A guide will help you to the last minute.


Reasonable Rent With No Hidden Charges

We offer the best packages for our clients. A Dune Guggy rent depends on the area, ride time, and engine CC. In the open desert, it costs more to ride in a dune buggy Dubai than in a circle. It’s up to you whether you want to ride in an open desert or a circle.


Fresh food

There are a variety of fresh foods available to satisfy your appetite.

Contact us if you want to enjoy such a great thrill and adventure in the red dunes of Sharjah.


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