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Quad Bike | Self Drive Explore Red Dunes of Sharjah Desert on Quad Bike

Quad Bike


Quad biking is considered a very exciting activity in deserts. The desert is a very beautiful place and what can be more interesting than exploring the desert. We offer this activity in the Red Dunes of Sharjah. Here, the entire desert full of red sand is a beautiful site to take part in interesting activities. One of the most famous activities that we offer here is quad biking. A quad bike is also called ATV. Quad biking, basically, is an activity in which customers rent quad bikes and ride them in the desert. This is a very fun-filled activity that our clients enjoy to their fullest.

Ride Quad Bikes

You can ride the quad bikes inside the circle (a circular area where you can ride your quad bikes) or you can ride them on the beautiful red dunes of the desert. It is also providing a very good opportunity to explore the desert and you can ride to different areas of the desert according to your own choice. Most people prefer riding outside the circle so they can explore the desert of their own free will.

Types of Quad Bike

We have been receiving many questions regarding our quad bikes. We would like it known that our quad bikes are produced by the finest companies in the world such as Suzuki and Yamaha. They come in 150cc and 250cc engines. If you wish to ride outside the circle, you do not need to worry since our experienced riders will also accompany you should you experience any technical malfunction or get confused about your location in the desert. You will also be equipped with the safest and latest equipment to make your ride safe and enjoyable.

Along with different engines, quad bikes are also available depending on the number of seats. A single quad bike is available for a single person and a double quad bike for 2 users is also available. They can also be rented and both have specific prices. There are also specific prices for riding within the fenced circle area as well as riding outside the fenced circle area. Please note that all the activities will be performed with proper equipment as your safety is our utmost priority.


Quad Bikes Rental

Quad bikes can be rented for a specific amount of time. There are price differences for the amount of time you wish to rent a bike for as well as which engine bike you wish to rent. The bigger engine quad bikes will be slightly expensive than the smaller engine ones. If you wish to rent a quad bike for a long period of time, you will have to pay extra than the usual amount. Regardless of time and engines, quad biking is a very interesting and enjoyable activity and it is widely regarded all over Sharjah.

Quad biking is a very exciting activity. It helps hone your navigation skills as well as your competitive skills. It provides a good opportunity to explore the desert and see natural beauty.

Explore the Red dunes with us and do not miss out on this opportunity of a lifetime. Contact us through the links mentioned below.