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Dune Buggy


The dune buggy is one of the most important vehicles of the desert. It is a vehicle that is very suitable for exploring the desert. The vast desert provides a large area to explore and have fun. Along with other vehicles, many of our customers rent dune buggy upon their arrival in the desert. This activity is offered in the Red Dunes of Sharjah – Dubai. The desert is an epitome of natural beauty and a dune buggy is the best vehicle to explore it. Here, in Dubai, riding on a dune_buggy in a desert is considered to be a very famous and interesting activity. The dune buggy is a four-wheel vehicle with a very big engine which makes it capable of riding the huge dunes of the desert with ease. Many of our customers rent the dune buggy when they come to the desert.


Riding Dune Buggy

As mentioned above, there is a circle within the desert. It is a fenced area where you can ride your rental vehicles. Although most people prefer riding outside the circle, riding inside the circle is a good option for parents or guardians who do not wish their children to go riding into the desert by themselves. Hence riding inside a circle is a good option as the children can ride their vehicles under the watch of their parents.


2-Seater & 4-seter Dune Buggy

The dune buggy has a handful of varieties. It comes in different engines such as 1000cc and 2000cc. There are also two types of dune buggy’s, the 2-seater which seats two people, and the 4-seater which seats 4 people. Above all, no license is required to ride any vehicle. So you do not need to worry a bit. Moreover, you will be accompanied by our tour guides just in case you need any assistance and all the vehicles will be equipped with the latest and safety gloves, helmets, and kneepads.


Dune Buggy Rent Time

You can rent the dune_buggy for a fixed amount of time. They can be made available to you for an hour, 2 hours, and 3 hours. You can ride them for the above-stated time durations. However, if you wish to rent them according to the amount of time you want, that can be arranged but the prices will be expensive than usual. The vehicles with the bigger engines will also be expensive than the smaller engine ones. Time duration depends on the user who requires the vehicle to explore the desert. Apart from this, riding the desert in these high-quality quality buggy’s makes the journey more enjoyable.


Activity in Desert

It is also a very good sporty activity in the desert as many customers tend to race with one another on a dune buggy Dubai. The desert is a very beautiful place which needs to be explored. People can take photos in the dune buggy’s and post them on their social media accounts. Many people make videos when they are riding in the dune buggies. This also helps promote this exciting activity. Overall, this activity also counts as an enjoyable experience and can help improve skills of navigation and driving on different terrains.